Tanis Deering // Owner


Hey friend! Welcome to Ivory Lane Boutique.  I’m Tanis, the owner and face behind ILB. You might recognize me from my awkward Instagram try on sessions. Want to know what I love? Making women feel beautiful. We curate a collection of feminine, versatile, on trend clothing that is always, most importantly, comfortable. We adore easy to wear clothing, and it is our mission to bring that to you.

Since I was a wee little lady, I dreamed of owning a women’s boutique where I could combine my love (addiction?) of shopping with the love I have for clothing.  After having 2 lovely little ladies of my own, I decided to ditch the corporate world with the mission of making my fashion dreams come true, and ILB was born.

Loves: flowers, coffee, refinished furniture, camping, bright lipstick, trashy reality TV

Hates: spiders, exercise, salad

Located in majestic AF Calgary, AB