We have made the tough decision to suspended our publicly offered local Calgary Pickup, as it became unmanageable with too many daily pickups. We decided to continue offering local pickup to our frequent shoppers, friends and family. Please do not pass this information on to others, or we will have to stop local pickup altogether. Note: if these directions are not followed, your order will be shipped with our regular weekly shipments. Shipping fees cannot be refunded once paid and orders can't be edited.



Step 1

Tap the magnifying glass icon at the top of the homepage.





Step 2

Type "Calgary pickup" into the search bar.



Step 3

Click/tap on the "Free Calgary Pickup" title


Step 4

Click/tap "Add To Cart"


Step 5

Voila! You can now proceed with shopping/placing your order. You will receive an email with pickup instructions once your order is ready!